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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Antivirus and AntiSpyware Protection in Sneads Ferry

Being an online computer professional in Sneads Ferry I am often asked how to prevent personal computer problems due to a virus or spyware. Here I shall share a little secret that may help those in the area as well as some elsewhere around the world.

First, I promote websites online as in "marketing" and not hardware (e.g. fix harddrives, monitors, printers, etc.). When it comes to doing major fixes to a personal computer, I trust professionals similar to most of you. As this is critical to my business, I take great care to find quality and service I can trust.

What do I use?

For antivirus protection on my personal computers I use AVG version 8 by AVG Technologies which can be downloaded at (search for "free avg"). I have used AVG software now for the past few years with great success while others I have spoken with run into problems using other antivirus software (e.g. Norton, McAfee, etc.).

I also use Microsoft Windows Defender for additional spyware protection as there is more to computer threats than the multitude of virus applications.

Where do you go for service?

When I first moved to the Sneads Ferry, North Carolina area, I spoke with several business professionals that relied on their computers extensively. One business kept being mentioned repeatedly with many recommendations at that was Hampstead Electronics (Radio Shack) in Sneads Ferry. Specifically, Will Beauchamp, the computer technician there was often labeled the "saviour" for many computers thought to be completely lost due to virus attacks, spyware and/or hardware failures.

Will has an extensive background in personal computers and stays abreast of the latest challenges and fixes related to the above mentioned issues regularly. If you are ever in the area and have need of quality personal computer service you can trust, take it to Hampstead Electronics near "4 corners" in Sneads Ferry and ask for Will Beauchamp. You will quickly find is can do attitude and fantastic customer service refreshing and quite welcome.

Hampstead Electronics (RadioShack)
1950 NC Hwy 172 Ste A (in Treasure Plaza)
Sneads Ferry, NC 28460-6693
Phone: (910) 329-5000

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