Sneads Ferry North Carolina: Referendum For Sneads Ferry Incorporation

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Referendum For Sneads Ferry Incorporation

In case you were not aware, the whole issue of Incorporation of Sneads Ferry, North Carolina has not gone away. There are numerous new articles about this including the recent one on (Sneads Ferry residents to vote on incorporation by Suzanne Ulbrich and Barry Smith).

The point seems to have been conceded that incorporation would raise the tax rates considerably and that some of the "benefits" originally proposed through incorporation, like control of zoning, will not happen. Some of the other benefits still touted and that may be gained include garbage removal and street lighting.

Depending how you feel about higher taxes and/or the real necessities incorporation brings, your ability to vote on this issue may be as soon as May 4, 2010.

*Note: this is not a November vote when other major elections are held!!!

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