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Friday, July 25, 2008

Photography: From Shanghai to Sneads Ferry!

Photography: From Shanghai to Sneads Ferry!
Phillip Jarrell, Harvey Bradshaw and John Echo

Location: Thurston Art Gallery
Artist Sherry Thurston. Owner
Designer of the “Sneads Ferry Sneakers”, copyrighted, ‘92
328 Peru Road
Sneads Ferry,NC
910-526-9988 cell

Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10-2pm for this show up to August 2nd, 2008
(Saturday 10-5pm year round.) Appointments for other times can be arranged with a phone call. We have a small art gallery in the south housed in the 1939 Original FreeWill Baptist Church built by Preacher Potter now Thurston Art Gallery in Sneads Ferry. NC purchased in 1980 by Ms. Thurston. We hope you can make it to see this great show. All works are for sale too. You may be looking for the right piece of art or photography for investment.

Phillip Jarrell
We are hosting a wonderful mulimedia artist Phillip Jarrell, who wrote "Torn Between Two Lovers" with Peter Yarrow. With 30 yrs in photography and many music cd covers, mag covers, a new guitar, Jarrell Guitars, Phillip is living in Shangahi,China now! Also designer of large banner photos in German airports featuring the Olympics in Beijing.
Due to Phillip's parents being from Eden, NC and his birthplace of Ft. Jackson, SC he chose a southern location to house his first US show with the encouragement of his cousin, Diane Kendrick, Professor & Arts Coordinator of Averett University, of Danville, VA. Phillip was going to have a joint show one here and one in Shanghai but with the earthquakes in China he delayed his show until after the Olympics. He hopes to have his show in the Grand Theatre in Beijing! Phillip was pleased with our opening! He sent us videos welcoming us to his show on July 1st. He would be so pleased if you could take the time to see his work! Send him an email to let him know if you got to see it!

Quote: In 2007 Phillip calibrated with the "Shanghai Chinese Opera Costume Institute" on a book project, which is now being used in a number of fashion universities around Chinese. Phillip is the only credited photographer for the 160 page book, in titled, "Colorize". In 2007 Phillip also Calibrated with Sarah Foster, a very talented art director, at Getty Images, to create a collection of dramatic, action images, some of which were targeting the topic of the 2008 Olympics. The idea was to work in colleage, making giant people, in the modern city of Shanghai, achieve impossible feats. Sometime a keen to Alice in Wonderland. These two projects gave birth to the technical skills and the creative work flow that would become, what is after 30 years of working as a photographer, Philip's first every art exhibition. The work will show in Shanghai, China, and Sneads Ferry, N.C., simultaneously. Opening July 1, 2008. So actually these costumes are made by students of the "Shanghai Chinese Opera Costume Institute". And in the video you can see some of the designers helping the models to get into the costumes, and putting on the make up. In most cases the designers are also designing the make up. Sherry… “Thanks for all your work showing the images. Phillip”

Ms. Thurston wishes to let you know about this amazing show with three men, over 50 doing some incredible things with photography!

Links to see works by Phillip Jarrell, Harvey Bradshaw and John Echo

This is Harvey’s first show of his photography

Harvey D. Bradshaw was born in his grandparents' home on Old Folkstone Road in Sneads Ferry, Onslow County, North Carolina on August 25, 1932, in the heart of the Great Depression. He is a 10th generation descendant of Alexander Grant, who came to America from Grantown-on-Spey, near Inverness, Scotland, in 1691. Alexander had jury duty in Swansboro, Onslow County, NC, on July 4, 1732, the year George Washington was born.

For the first six years of his life Harvey and his mother lived with his grandparents, James Benjamin and Bettie Dixon Grant, and his bachelor uncles, Percy Granville and Hubert Leon Grant. His mother's youngest brother, Sterling Dixon Grant, and his wife, Edna Murrell Guthrie Grant, lived nearby and had four children--Betty Claire Grant Allison, Eric Dixon Grant, Elfleda (Tillie) Grant Shepard, and James Murray Grant--who became more like brothers and sisters than cousins. His natural father, Harvey Deakins Bradshaw, 28, of Decatur, Alabama, had died of rheumatic fever in Atlanta six months before his birth. His mother, Velma Grant Bradshaw Moore, married his stepfather, Paul Milton Moore of Green Wreath Farm at Bruce, west of Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina in 1938.

Harvey had a perfect attendance record in the first grade at Dixon School (named for his grandmother's family) and was a mascot for the graduating class of 1937. He attended Falkland School in Pitt County through the eighth grade and graduated with honors from Greenville High School in 1950. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a Naval ROTC scholarship, graduating Phi Beta Kappa in June, 1954, with a BA in journalism.

He accepted a commission in the United States Marine Corps, finishing as honor man in his platoon at The Basic School at Quantico, Virginia. After flight school at Pensacola, Florida, and Corpus Christi, Texas he was awarded his "wings of gold" as a Naval Aviator June 22, 1956.He has two sons, Paul and Toby.

Harvey served the Marine Corps for 26 years, retiring as a Colonel/Chief of Staff at Cherry Point July 31, 1980. He flew 306 combat missions in Vietnam in 1967, receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross and 23 Air Medals. He commanded Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron115, the "Silver Eagles" in Japan, Okinawa, and the Philippines in 1974-75. He commanded Marine Aircraft Group-31, with six F-4 Phantom fighter/attack squadrons and support units, at Beaufort, SC, in 1976-77. He was honored as Marine Corps "Aviator of the Year" in October, 1977.

After his retirement in 1980, Harvey developed Fairlane Farms on property he inherited in Greenville. He moved back to Sneads Ferry in the mid-1980s, developing Grantwood, a subdivision on Everett's Creek some three miles from where he was born, where you could hear the ocean when the surf was high on Topsail Island. The development is dedicated to 300 years and 12 generations of the Grant family in Onslow County. The streets are named for family members, beginning with Alexander Lane and down to Bridget Lane, named for his first grandchild, Bridget Louise Bradshaw, 17, the daughter of Toby and Moira Carr Bradshaw.
Harvey has continued his lifelong interest in writing and photography, culminating in a photo safari to Zimbabwe, Africa, with Toby, Moira, and Bridget in July 2007 when these images were captured.

John K Echo:

John was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He spent his summers with his country grandmother; picked beetles off of potato plants and dropped them into a jar of kerosene, mucked pig pens and crushed oyster shells for the chickens.

He continued his inspiring education at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute as assistant photography editor. (The editor could take better pictures than he could.)

After complete victory over public education, he joined the Navy and became a photographer, photographing such things as the launching of the nautilus and the sinking of the Merrimack.

Some years after leaving the navy he received a B.A. in physics and art. He finally started his career with a large company and became a senior research technologist and retiring as a senior production artist. John’s wife, Virginia, has a B.A. in music and a masters for English. Virginia’s musical skills have given inspiration to John’s artwork.

Art and photography have always been a way of life with John. He has won rewards both for art and photography.

John and Virginia retired and moved to North Carolina, in the 90’s; he was inspired by the state’s many moods. This show displays John’s love of North Carolina.

Most of John’s photographs are photographed from a jet-ski or a motorcycle. These vehicles allow John extreme mobility.
Hope you can come see these beautiful works. Yes, the gallery is open. Just call if you need it opened at your convenience until August 2nd. We will be taking it down the following week. Ms. Thurston will be getting her show back up and preparing to teach.

Ms. Thurston is the Visual Arts teacher at Dixon H. S. and teaches private art lessons afterschool for children and adults. Her art is on display for show and sale at her gallery, Topsail Art Gallery, Racine Gallery in Wilmington and SunsetriverMarketplace, Calabash.

“ It is my hope to give the artists and new businesses in the area the feeling of being welcomed and have a place to show their art and many other creative talents!”

From this hope the following show was created:
“Love of the Arts”, the show for several artists, we had 11 visual artists, 6 singers and 2 poets, February 2008. We are hoping to continue doing this open house style of showcasing the arts here in Sneads Ferry next February 6, 2008. “Photography and visual arts!” Contact Sherry Thurston.

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