Sneads Ferry North Carolina: 1st Annual Top Gun Challenge, Scheduled for July 11th-12th, 2008

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

1st Annual Top Gun Challenge, Scheduled for July 11th-12th, 2008

1st Annual Top Gun Challenge, Scheduled for July 11th-12th

Winston Salem, NC – The Top Gun Challenge is an event that features North Carolina’s elite high school quarterbacks. Registration for this event is open to all incoming High School Quarterbacks. Registration information, if not mailed directly, can be found on the following link NY)

The Challenge will be held July 11th-12th in Winston Salem, NC at Wake Forest University. Each Quarterback will be evaluated, instructed, and tested in 7 events that will produce the QB1 Top Gun Champion. Quarterbacks will only be competing against quarterbacks from their state with the champion moving on to the Top Gun Challenge Championship in Tulsa, OK July 25th-26th.

Event one, Mental Testing, challenges each quarterback’s understanding of the game and assesses his leadership qualities. Event two, Physical Testing, is a mini-combine format that tests over-all athleticism, strength and speed.

Events three through seven, On-The-Field-Events, tests the speed, mobility, accuracy and arm strength of each quarterback. These 5 on-the-field-events will be held Saturday, July 12th, 7:00 at Wake Forest University. Friends, family and high school football fans are invited to attend this portion of the challenge.

The Top Gun Challenge has been held in Northwest Arkansas for the past five years but has expanded this year to include nine states (NY, PA, NC, CO, OH, NJ, CO, OK, OR) and a Top Gun Championship in Tulsa, OK.

The Top Gun Challenge is a Darin Slack Quarterback Academy Event. DSQA began training quarterbacks in 1988. Since its inception, The Academy has trained over 16,000 aspiring athletes, and has seen many go on to excel at the collegiate and professional levels, most recently, Matt Flynn of the 2007 BCS National Champion LSU Tigers.
No matter the outcome, the 2008 Top Gun Challenge promises to be one of the best. For more information on the Top Gun Challenge, please contact Mike Malloy at 570-262-2846 or by email at You can also visit or

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