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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sneads Ferry Coffee

Being a coffee lover, I recently revisited places in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina that sell coffee. The following are my personal opinions based on my tasting, the business atmosphere, etc.

First, the places I have tasted the coffee in Sneads Ferry that in the running for "the best" included: Trading Post Coffee House (, Sneads Beans (, and McDonald's (930 NC Highway 210). These places were chosen for the quality of coffee along with other factors.

Sneads Beans
I visited Sneads Beans on multiple occassions and tasted a variety of coffee drink types including latte, espresso, mocha, etc. The taste of these was satisfactory but, there was much lacking regarding the atmosphere of the shop, hours of availability and the website advertised on the front door was not operational. My concern for tourists and others not being able to know when they could obtain a coffee and/or other related information seemed to be realized. There was discussion by management about modifying the driveway for military personnel being able to purchase without violating military protocol on their way to/from work as well as gifts available in the shop's front section. As of my last visit, these were still in the discussion phase.

The local McDonald's is quite similar to others around the country. The coffee has been continually served very fresh and tasty. The price is reasonable and the military can drive through at hours not possible with other coffee houses in the area. If your purpose is to get a quality coffee on the way to/from work without violating military rules, this very well may be your best option.

Trading Post Coffee House
The Trading Post Coffee House located on Hwy 210 past 4 corners towards Topsail Island has a well proven reputation. The quality and service has been demonstrated repeatedly and the atmosphere is very nice. This coffee house has plenty of room to relax, enjoy your coffee and much more. The gift shop is rather well stocked along with a big screen TV for those wanting to watch the news, etc. The staff have always been very kind and considerate to me and those around upon each of my visits. Additionally, having wifi Internet access for customers is a serious plus to computer geeks like myself. If you desire a nice latte, espresso or similar, here is the place to shop in Sneads Ferry, NC in my opinion.

As I drink a lot of coffee each day, this is a very important subject for me. Realizing that different people have different taste, you may want to check these places out for yourself. Hopefully, my comments on each will save you time and expense.

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