Sneads Ferry North Carolina: CellularRE Signs on Century 21 in North Carolina for Text Message Marketing

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CellularRE Signs on Century 21 in North Carolina for Text Message Marketing

Peekskill, NY, January 10, 2008 – JTLB Media, which owns and operates CellularRE, one of the leading Real Estate Cellular/Text Message Technology companies ( announced today that the company has entered into a agreement with Sneads Ferry, North Carolina Based Century 21 Action Inc.

CellularRE, the leading company to offer text message and cellular marketing to the real estate industry, announced it has signed on Century 21 Action Inc as a client and will roll out its Cellular and text message marketing program to the Sneads Ferry, North Carolina office. CellularRE has also signed on many other Real Estate offices as clients.

“We are extremely excited about working with Century 21 Action--a leader in real estate--and helping them to promote their properties in the North Carolina market.

“Being the leader in cellular real estate technology, people expect instantaneous information, and we are pleased to bring Real Estate Listings instantly to their customer base through our cellular technology,” says Dean Steinman, CEO of CellularRE.

Through its text message technology, an agent can send out a text message alerting any customer in their database about a new listing that just came on the market. Within 1-3 minutes (depending on carrier), the customer will receive a text message via the cell phone/ or PDA describing the property, including price, size, location, number of bedrooms and baths for residential properties. For commercial space, clients will get texted price per square foot and amenities.

The customer can then click on a link on their phone which will bring them automatically to a wireless website that was built for that listing (through the admin/ software program Cellular RE provides them to use online), and they can view photos, floor-plans and more in-depth listing information. If the customer is interested in the property and desires to see it right away, the customer can click another link right on the text message or wireless website on their phone, and the broker/agent/builder will be dialed immediately to schedule the appointment. This can be done with hundreds of listings per month.

Additionally, when a person drives or walks by a house for sale, apartment for rent, store, or office space for lease, he will see a sign that Cellular RE supplies the agent that has a keyword and a Text Number on it (i.e. Text CellRE101 to 917-324-0252). By texting this into their phone within 1-3 minutes the person will get a text message back with basic listing information. From there they can get click one link on their cell phone and get a wireless website right on their phone that has photos, floor plans, and in-depth listing information.

In addition, CellularRE is working on a new technology to allow cell phone users to see video tours of the home/apartment that they are interested in. “We are very excited to be taking the Cellular marketing of properties to the next level by including video tours though the cell phone,” says Dean Steinman, chief executive officer, CellularRE.

Cellular RE charges a Real Estate office a monthly fee for this complete Cellular marketing service. Depending on how many properties they want to market will dictate the price. For example, 1 listing is $14.99 per month, 5 properties/listings per month is only $20 per month but can be sent out on an unlimited basis. 12 properties/listings per month is $39 and can be sent out on an unlimited basis, and unlimited properties/listings per month are only $159 and can be sent out on an unlimited basis.

About Cellular RE

JTLB Media, owner of CellularRE is one of the first companies to offer cellular marketing to the real estate industry. It allows both residential and commercial realtors, agents and developers to provide clients with information via text message, including price, size, pictures, etc . For more information go to:

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