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Friday, December 14, 2007

Watching The Geminids From Sneads Ferry North Carolina

Last night my younger son and I went outside to watch the stars. The "special reason" for this was to see the yearly occurence of the Geminids meteor showers. As I understand it, the Geminids return each year somewhere around December 12-14 with one of the most dramatic meteor showers to be seen throughout the year.

It seems they arrive from the Gemini constellation which is just left (e.g. North) and down of where Mars shines in our night sky. Last night's show was spectacular.

Living near the water gave my son and I a fantastic opportunity to watch as the shooting stars came by as often as 2-3 per minute. Of course, some where brighter and longer lasting than others. Cloud cover has mostly dissipated making it easier to spot them in so many directions similar to watching a tremendous fireworks display. Who better than God to offer such a fireworks display?

As my son decided he was getting tired and returned inside, I refilled my coffee cup, kissed him goodnight, regrouped and went back out. It dawned on me how seldom we stop to really appreciate such things. This was the first meteor shower I had really taken in such as this. With this realization, I lay in the truck bed gazing at the stars and enjoyed what was placed in front of me thinking life is good...

Prior to all of this I had tried to contact friends and let them know about the upcoming event. As I understand it, some made plans to watch. I only hope they got as much out of the show as I.

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