Sneads Ferry North Carolina: Prepare For Hurricane Season In Sneads Ferry

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Prepare For Hurricane Season In Sneads Ferry

The old-timers in Sneads Ferry can tell you lots of stories about the damage hurricanes have inflicted. They have seen the wind, water and downpours that others shudder to even think about. Being prepared can make this hurricane season easier and much less freightening.

Known in the 1950's as "Hurricane Alley", the eastern coast of North Carolina is a prime target for hurricanes year in and year out. As detailed in the Want to know about hurricanes? (article in the Times News), hurricanes with names like: Bonnie, Charley, Diana, Emily, Floyd, Fran, Gloria, Hugo, and Isabel have left their mark on our area. Let's not forget Hazel and the destruction it left so many years ago.

What you can do

Preparing by gathering information and resources can prove quite useful in such an event. Some suggestions:

  • Write down important name & phone numbers (emergency contacts).
  • Store canned foods, water, etc.
  • Store flashlights, batteries, and candles with matches or lighter.
    You may want to purchase hurricane lamps and add a nostalgic flavor from a reputable antiques dealer.
  • Locate a safe place for high winds, etc.
  • Prepare plans so the whole family knows what to do.

There are many other steps you can take but, the important part is to plan and communicate. Your family and friends may thank you for it when the time comes.

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